about me

“She was becoming herself and daily, casting aside that fictitious self 

which we assume like a garment with which to appear before the world”

— Kate Chopin, "The Awakening"

i am...

a photographer, writer, artist, calligrapher, traveller and baker, by night, and a consultant by day. i am fortunate to have lived in different countries from a very young age and found a home in them all

letting my creativity express itself in whatever form it wishes to take has been a lifelong joyful experience and a journey of discovery about myself.

its only recently, that i fell in love with the Mamiya (first) and discovered photography (second!). self-taught, i struggle with the technical aspects at times, but love the feeling of umami (there was no other word) this form of expression gives me.

my cameras...

the Mamiya RB67 ProSD

the Mamiya 7

the Leica M3

the Fuji XT-20

the iPhone 5s :)

and most treasured, my fathers Canon QLFTb and Nikon FM2

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